Ionic Navigation using sidemenu


I create an app first page as a dashboard with links to all the app sections.

When i click i see a back button at the top header. How can i present the hamburguer icon (i am using sidemenu template) and have the normal sidemenu navigation ?

Also the back button does not navigate back to the origin page.

I try using :

And also :

<button ng-click="link1Redirect()">Link 1</button>

.controller('DashboardCtrl', function($scope, $stateParams,$location) {
	$scope.link1Redirect = function() {

please do not use href… use ui-sref instead… it is the default approach for ui-router navigation.

you can set an attribute to activate sidemenu also on backviews:


Better solution use $state.go(‘STATE’)

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thank you @bengtler, it is working fine.

thank you ! it is working fine.

state.go is the js-pendant to the uiSref directive :wink:

Hi !

I do use ui-sef in a button in my dashboard screen, and it work´s only on the first time, i click and i can go to the link!

If i hit the back button and click again in the same button no action is trigered i just stay in the dashboard screen.

Trying to look at docs, there is a fix for that ?

could you show us some code?

Basically after bower install and include at index.html:

Add ui-sref

<div class="div1">
	<button ui-sref="app.div1" class="mdl-button mdl-js-button mdl-button--fab mdl-button--colored">Div1</button>

Add ui-view at index.html

<body ng-app="starter">
	<ion-nav-view ui-view></ion-nav-view>

At app.js i inject ui.router


you only need the ion-nav-view


Thank you it work´s .

I also add these event: on-release=“navigate()”