@ionic-native/stripe with Ionic/vue


I cannot seem to get the @ionic-native/stripe plugin running on ionic/vue, where the promise of setPublishableKey is rejected with “cordova_not_available”.

This is what I’ve done following the Capacitor install instructions:

npm install cordova-plugin-stripe
npm install @ionic-native/stripe
ionic cap sync

then I import like this:

import { Stripe } from '@ionic-native/stripe/'

The when I do this little test:

const test = Stripe.setPublishableKey(process.env.VUE_APP_STRIPE_KEY);|

I get:

Promise {<rejected>: "cordova_not_available"}

My understanding was that it would automatically switch depen ding on the device used. Is there any way to get this working in the browser and on mobile device?