Ionic Native SMS plugin app is crashing in android without intent

I’m build a app to send sms byt using sms plugin. It looks simple implementing from the official docs but my app crashes if I try to use following command this.sms.send(‘somephonenumber’, ‘Hello world!’); with intent as blank. Is there any way to send sms without opening native SMS App. if not will this feature will be availble in future releases.

Did you figure this out?

Are you requesting the permission and checking if it is enabled?

Make sure that your android manifest defines the SEND_SMS permission, to learn more about Android permissions check:

You can also handle checking and requesting permissions in Android with the Android Permissions plugin:

Hi Wiley,
Thanks for the response. Yes this.sms.hasPermission() is returning me true. but when I leave intent blank my app crashes without any error. But if I put intent as ‘INTENT’ then it opens sms native to type in sms and send manually. I want to schedule sms to be sent at particular time without user intervention.
I’m not sure where to find android manifest in ionic 2 app. can you please guide me and also If it’s possible can you create one sample app in ionic 2 for SMS it will help lots of users.
Thanks in advance.

This resolved for me using Android 8: