Ionic native push registration format changed?

I am not sure why but it seems that the interface for push registration changed?

My app follows the logic from


pushObject.on('registration').subscribe((registration: any) => console.log('Device registered', registration));

where registration used to be of below type

export interface PushDevice{
    registrationId: string;
    registrationType: string;

but now I am getting


registrationID used to be a string, but now is a dictionary. How shall I handle this ID now? I have to convert it to a push token somehow… What changed? I looked into the phone gap plugin code but I can not find it…

Did I by accident upgrade my plugin to ionic4?


"@ionic-native/push": {
      "version": "4.20.0",
      "resolved": "",
      "integrity": "sha512-IgzaZd8KSPLwyLX1emRijlQ0Vfa3RlPPBx370lVH32c8zG3DFH1xfQQbb39KF3qmX5b6so0pGGA2holSUwVm2w=="

Finally found a lead. Seems this changed with the release of iOS 13.

The Cordova push plugin has to be updated to v2.3.0 (I have not tested this yet), but my current version is failing because v2.2.3 is accessing the registrationId through a wrong method.