Ionic-native/network onConnect() is not working as expected

Hi Team,

Initial versions of my APP are as follows:
Angular cli V7.1.0
Ionic-native/core - V4.11.0
Ionic-native/network - V3.7.0
rxjs - V6.3.3
rxjs-compat - V6.2.2

My app is working fine and we are upgrading our angular version to V11.
Till angular version 9, everything is working fine as expected. On upgrading to V10 and RXJS to V6.6.7 I am experiencing strange behaviour with Ionic-native/network library.

I am unable to access onConnect(), onDisConnect() functions from this network library and getting following error.

Error TypeError: Object(…) is not a function
at v (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at e. (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at e.value [as onConnect] (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at t.onConnect (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at t.ngOnInit (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at Ve (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at qe (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at Xe (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at Vi (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)
at Zi (main-es2015.4fa62705d971309b11db.js:1)

Can you help us to overcome this issue?

@aaronksaunders any suggestions?