Ionic Native Keyboard - Numeric Block


I tried to use the following native Keyboard Plugin (Link)

As far I see its possible to set the type of the keyboard (iOS), so as far as I see the documentary it should also be possible to set the keyboard as numeric block (type = numeric).

Problem is, I have no Idea, how i can set this value. , I would be very pleased if someone can explain me, how to set the keyboard plugin above on type = numeric.

Thanks in advance.

You should put that in the options when opening up the keyboard.


where options probably is an object with all the options you’re passing to the keyboard like this:

{ type: "numberpad" }

Thanks for the fast reply, I can test it later, but can you confirm that this is the correct call:

// declare
options : any;

this.options = { type: “numberpad” };

This would probably be the way, yes. Don’t use options: any if you already know how options is going to look like :wink: