Ionic Native HTTP send a file using POST and multipart/form-data

Hi everyone!
I am trying to do a http post call using the Ionic Native Http plugin in order to send a file using a FormData, but it is not working as expected… I attach a piece of my simple code in typescript.

  1. First of all, I generate the formData and after that I call the service that triggers the http post call:

  2. Do the call using the Ionic Http Plugin with the multipart and the formData:
    Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 17.30.41

So, the problem that I am facing is that my code is not reaching the debugger inside the .then() method and I don’t know why… of course, neither in the .catch(), so no errors here…

On the another hand, if I delete the .setDataSerializer(‘multipart’) the http plugin displays the following error: "data" argument supports only following data types: Object, so it seems that when I am using the multipart that promise is not executed or is not ended. Has anyone had the same problem?

Thanks in advance for your support!