Ionic-native GoogleMapsEvent not working

Hi :slight_smile:
I upgraded GoogleMaps from v1.4.x to v2.x from @ionic-native, but now I have a :
TS2339:Property ‘CAMERA_MOVE_END’ does not exist on type ‘{ [eventName: string]: string; }’ from IDEA.
Is this causing problems ?

Because it seems that CAMERA_MOVE_END is not working, here is my code : => {
        this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition().then(pos => {
          let _latitude = pos.coords.latitude;
          let _longitude = pos.coords.longitude;
          this.loadMarkers(_latitude, _longitude);
              target: new LatLng(_latitude, _longitude),
              zoom: 5,
              duration: 600
            }).then(() => {
      }, 500);

The alert “STOP” is never shown.

Does anyone know why ? (This code was working on v1.4.x)


Did you solve that ?

Yes, for the moment, I’m using the string value instead of the enumerator.

Can you please post your code ?