Ionic native google maps plugin doesn't show map after getRootNav().push()

I’m using Ionic 3 and working on iPhone 7 plus with iOS 11. I’m using the Ionic native google maps plugin. I have two sets of tabs (user/admin) and I need to switch between them with the following code:

  switch() {;

If I’ve loaded the map on Tabs1 and then move to Tabs2 and back to Tabs1 and try to load the map again, it doesn’t load and only shows white screen.

I’ve seen solutions for this in other posts, where it was advised to “resize” the map in order to load it with the following code:

google.maps.event.trigger(, 'resize');

As far as I know this is NOT the ionic native plugin (it’s the JS web version). I’m having trouble in implement the same functionality with the native plugin. Or really any other solution will work just fine as well.