Ionic-Native File Plugin on Browser throwing error

Hey folks, I’m working on using the file and file-transfer plugins in my Ionic app.
I followed the examples and whenever I attempt to create a directory or file I get this error:

It was determined that certain files are unsafe for access within a Web application, or that too many calls are being made on file resources.

I get an error with the file transfer plugin but it just states code:1

Here is my code:

this.file.checkDir(this.file.dataDirectory, 'media').then(() => {
                // Media Directory Exists, do nothing. 
                console.log('Media Storage Loaded');
            }).catch(err => {
                console.log('Media Storage not found... Creating');
                this.file.createDir(this.file.dataDirectory, 'media', false).then(dir => {
                    console.log('Media Directory Created!');
                }).catch(err => {
                    console.log('CRITICAL ERROR. MEDIA STORAGE DIRECTORY FAILED TO BE CREATED:', err);
                    console.log('Because of this, media files cannot be stored or loaded locally');


Now, I know the browser is a different platform but it’s clear that a proxy is firing and I can see not only the file-plugin-ready events but I went through the Preparing.js and saw it creates a local FS as well.

I went to the cordova-file-plugin repo itself, and used it’s samples (which are basic File API) and when I request my own fs they work just fine. Something in the ionic-native wrapper isn’t working correctly…

I’m on the latest with Ionic and Ionic-Native.

I submitted an issue to the ionic-native repo HERE

Has anyone else gotten the plugin to work on the Browser??

I have no idea about the plugin, but can you define a bit what you mean by “on the browser”?
ionic serve?
Uploading /www somewhere?
ionic run browser?