Ionic Native Dev Guide - cordova-plugin-nativeview

Howdy. Ionic React dev here :slight_smile:

Need some “final steps” guidance in creating a plugin wrapper for cordova-plugin-nativeview

I’ve created the plugin per the instructions here:

In order to get the react-scripts project to build I had to copy/modify a generated package.json file from another plugin in order to locally install my new plugin @ionic-native/native-view

The ios project successfully builds, but I receive the error [warn] - Native: tried calling .show, but the plugin is not installed.

I’d be happy to share the code or collaborate in any way to help me get this working so I can submit a PR and contribute to the community plugins.

Got it! :checkered_flag: The @Plugin decorator’s pluginRef property didn’t have the correct object reference.

This work has been merged into @ionic-native and available