Ionic native datePicker not working

I’m trying to use datePicker native component, I followed the exact instructions and yet it doesn’t work.
When I press the button that calls the code to show the datePicker nothing happens!
I tried it on emulator and on real phone as well.

import { DatePicker } from '@ionic-native/date-picker';

providers: [

import { DatePicker } from '@ionic-native/date-picker';

  constructor(private datePicker: DatePicker) { }

  onDate() {{
      date: new Date(),
      mode: 'date',
      androidTheme: this.datePicker.ANDROID_THEMES.THEME_HOLO_DARK
      date => console.log('Got date: ', date),
      err => console.log('Error occurred while getting date: ', err)

Please help!