@ionic-native/cloud-settings not working for Android

I am doing a POC using this plugin v5.31.1 in Ionic 5 app and in iOS it is working properly as expected but for Android the auto backup is not happening. I’ve also tried through adb command line and the backup happens but I want to try the backup in real scenario.

First I saved the JSON from app, tried backup with adb commands and the backup works. I checked it in Google Drive → Backups → {phone_name} backup → App data → {my_app_bundle_id}. It shows proper date/time.
After that I’ve also tried with allowBackup and fullBackupOnly set to true, updated the JSON, saved it from app and then manually took the backup through settings. Then when I checked in Google Drive, I can only see the backup I took through adb earlier. I don’t see the updated date/time for my app.

If I check in the app, the load() still returns the updated JSON saved through app. But if I uninstall the app and install it again in the same phone, the exist() gives me true but when I run load(), it gives me JSON saved through adb and not the updated one saved through manual backup. So it seems confusing if I am missing some configuration or I am doing it all wrong.

Currently I’ve Android 10, so as per docs auto backup should happen instead of key/value backup but it is not happening. The Backup settings is enabled for my phone and is set to Wi-Fi.

I have few questions:-

  1. In AndroidManifest.xml the allowBackup is set to true and it must be required to be true for the backup to happen. But fullBackupOnly should be set to true or false for the plugin to work properly?
  2. If fullBackupOnly is set to true then it will take full backup of the app but does it include our json data also that we have saved through plugin? Or to backup only json data we have to set it to false?
  3. The docs says auto backup happens if Wi-Fi is connected, phone is idle and at least 24 hrs have passed. I’ve tried this but still auto backup is not happening. Is there anything else that I am missing?

Thanks in advance!