Ionic native camera apply sticker, text etc

Hi guys,
I am developing my camera app (to improve my knowledge with camera) with Ionic 3 and Angular 5.
I am able to take a picture, editing to crop the image, but I am not able to editing the taken image, to apply stickers, some text etc like whatsapp for example (I don’t know how to do)

There is the possibility to do it with ionic camera native? May I follow some tutorials?


Hey guys, no one can help me?

i have same issue bt dont get any solution for text over image in ionic 3

After taking the pic, load it in a canvas and edit it as you wish.

do you have a code example?


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we asked because we don’t have an idea… if you want help us, so write these 20 chars…


sorry but I had a mistake :smiley:

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thanks anyway !!!

i used canvas and write a text on some fix position but
i want set text on image as user click on image not to be fixed

are you able to achieve this?

nope, I didn’t try anymore