Ionic native build error

Hello currently i am on free plan. i created a project everything works fine i added cordova-plugin-fcm in my project it tells to add google-services.json file on project root i added the file then i added couple of code related to FCM plugin and the project was serve successfully on web browser then i decided to got .apk for that project so i give ionic package command but in cloud the ionic throws an error "you are using plugin fcm which requires google-services.json file in your root

How can i solve this problem

create your google-services.json file in firebase by using proper package name. Once the google-services.json file is created, download it and paste it into the “platform->android” path.

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For now file is placed under android/platform but still the error is present

Can you show the error log?

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i don’t know how to get error log so i posted a pic of error.The error says like below text

Error: cordova-plugin-fcm: You have installed platform android but file ‘google-services.json’ was not found in your Cordova project root folder.

can you able to quickly solve this issue because it is really important one for me

It would be an idea to get yourself onto Ionic Pro (which is free) to package your app.

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can you show me the platform->android folder of your app

i literally placed the file all the folders inside android too

Man you placed it in the wrong directory. go to android folder and paste into it

the file is also present in android folder too

have you upgraded google services from android sdk manager? If not then upgrade it first. And delete that json file from platform folder

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i don’t have sdk manager, it is necessary for this .

Yes you have to install android studio.

:joy::joy::joy: ok i will do it and catch you soon thanks for your help @atul2889 and @Judgewest2000