Ionic-multiple-views: seamlessly port your Ionic app to tablets!


I built an extension for Ionic that allows you to have more than one <ion-nav-view> displayed in a screen, making building layouts like the master-detail layout in Gmail possible.



Issue by positioning of nested views

Thanks, I’ve been waiting to hear something about tablet-sized apps before I port our app into Ionic! This is awesome.

I hope they take it into the core (or at least, incorporate it into their testing so it doesn’t get broken across new releases…


Thats greet bravo ! Gold job @alon_gubkin !


Yep, me too. Actually, I think Ionic should have tablet support in its core.


I know it’s old but is there a plan for the Ionic dev team to integrate this one way or another?



Hi Apavillet,

maybe something like this: ?

The sidemenu is open on large screens



Hello Mav,

Thanks I know about this options which is nice but tablet in order to feel native needs more than that, and I think split views is the first step for that.

Obviously it’s hard work I’m currently trying with the above demo and device size detection ( working quite ok, but problem with transition and such).



+1 for this functionality.

i was about to start to extend this t have separate master/detail screens for the phone and a single view for a tablet with a side menu. If anyone has added this or if there are plans to include this as core functionality i would be very interested.


Awesome, I’m going to try if I can use this (I want to have a version of my app targeting tablets). I know about split view but this UI pattern would be a nice addition, hope the Ionic team will pursue this.