Ionic-msal integration

Hi All,
I am working on integrating MSAL to ionic app using the angular (npm install @azure/msal-angular --save). (

The issue is,
When I try to login with the API method loginpopup() from msalservice in browser (ionic serve) it works fine and I am able to login
But when I try to run same in android it is always throwing error (error.split is not a function).
any idea ?
Attaching screenshot.

msal config in app.module.ts

      clientID: 'my-client-id',
      authority: '',
      validateAuthority: true,
      redirectUri: 'http://localhost:8100/tabs/tab1',
      cacheLocation: 'localStorage',
      storeAuthStateInCookie: isIE, // set to true for IE 11
      postLogoutRedirectUri: 'http://localhost:8100/tabs/tab1',
      navigateToLoginRequestUrl: true,
      popUp: true,
      // consentScopes: [""]
      consentScopes: ['', 'openid', 'profile', 'api://a88bb933-319c-41b5-9f04-eff36d985612/access_as_user'],
      unprotectedResources: [''],
      logger: loggerCallback,
      correlationId: '1234',
      piiLoggingEnabled: true