Ionic modals opacity/transform change


Around a week ago I noticed something weird happening with my app. I have an app listing categories and products, which I get from a remote webserver. Now, I have a home page, with main categories, and when I pick one, it shows new view(new template, state and controller), then when I pick subcategory, it shows product listing view(again, new view, new state and controller). Along with the list of products, for each and every product, I have a wishlist button, which adds/removes products from wishlist. Inside that same controller that’s used to show products, I have a function that’s triggered by wishlist button. Basically, the functionality is ok, per se, but something odd started happening recently, but I’m not sure what exactly in my code is messing it up. So, when I click the button to add/remove from wishlist, it actually changes the opacity of the current product listing to 0.9(adds to ion-nav-view element style), along with transform: 30% 0 0;

My question is: what, in ionic, could make this happen?