Ionic mobile issue


We created the application using ionic 3.0. We are not building through Cordova but just running the app by ionic serve, like a web application.

Able to access the application in the browser but having an issue when access through a mobile browser.

Request and Response details:

Request Method: POST
Request Header as : X-Api-Key=b4dbbd20-d3ab-11e8-a63f-4b1153c47651
Response (Laptop): Able to get the response
Response (Mobile): Getting error: Response with Status:0 for URL:null

Sample code:

In service class:

public anonymouslogin(apiKey):Observable {

let body = {
if (apiKey === null) {
  return Observable.throw("Please insert account.");
} else {
    let url = AuthServiceProvider.LOGIN_URL_APIEY;
    let headers = new Headers(
            "X-Api-Key": localStorage.getItem("apikey")
    let options = new RequestOptions({ headers: headers });
	alert("Initiated Post Request (in mobile not seeing any alert after this");
    return, body, options)
        .map(response => {
			alert('success');//This alert not coming desktop but not in mobile.
            var temp = response.json();
            return true;
        (error) => 
			alert('Failure');//This alert not coming in mobile even if get error.
            return false;


In component:

.subscribe(allowed => {
alert(‘Login success’);
(error) =>
alert(“This is error displaying in the mobile only”+error);
//Error objct as like this. ‘Response with Status:0 for URL:null’


Not sure about the reason why this breaking in mobile.Same issue in both Android and IOS device.