Ionic menu button not working after submitting on a confirm controller

I’m having problems with clicking the button upon taking a test.


Upon Logging in -> the user takes a test and submits -> the user is redirected on the home page. But on my home page i cant click on the “Menu button”

on my Login.ts

 if (this.checker == "false" || this.checker == null) {
 } else {

on my test.ts

in the alert controller, I have this

    text: 'Yes',
    handler: data => {
      {style: "Auditory", value: AudioTotal},
      {style: "Logical", value: LogicalTotal},
      {style: "Physical", value: PhysicalTotal},
      {style: "Social", value: SocialTotal},
      {style: "Solitary", value: SolitaryTotal},
      {style: "Visual", value: VisualTotal},
      {style: "Verbal", value: VerbalTotal}]
      this.userChecker.update( this.currentUser, { Checker: 'true' });

And lastly on my Splash screen or home :


<ion-menu [content]="content">
<ion-item style="background-color:#00aced">
  <img src="./assets/img/adapt.png" height="100px" width="350px"/>

  <button ion-item *ngFor="let p of pages" (click)="openPage(p)">
   <ion-icon name="{{p.icon}}"></ion-icon>&nbsp;{{p.title}}

  <button ion-item (click)="doConfirm()">
   <ion-icon name="log-out"></ion-icon>&nbsp;Logout


on the splashscreen.ts

@ViewChild(Nav) nav: Nav;
  selectedItem: any;
  rootPage: any = ListPage;
  icons: string[];
  pages: Array<{ title: string, component: any, icon: string }>


// used for an example of ngFor and navigation
    this.pages = [
      { title: 'Home', component: SplashscreenPage, icon: this.icons[0], },
      { title: 'Earth Science', component: LessonPage, icon: this.icons[1] },
      { title: 'Progress', component: ProfilePage, icon: this.icons[2] }


openPage(page) {
// Reset the content nav to have just this page
// we wouldn't want the back button to show in this scenario
this.nav.setRoot(page.component); }

I can’t seem to click on this button. Hmm. What am I doing wrong?
I can't seem to click on this button.