Ionic media scanner

Is there any media scanner plugin that works with ionic 3? i need it for scan images after their removal, because after i delete image from device, it needs to be restarted.

Just sloved this kind of problem in my ionic app.

you can use this.
guaranteed :smiley:

How did you implement that plugin with Ionic 3? Dou you have some code example, it would be helpful. = this.storageDirectory + '/MyApp/'
, + image).then((entry) => {
            cordova.plugins.MediaScannerPlugin.scanFile( + image); //This is the code line that you need.You need to use this line where your download thing  happens

Can you guide me how to use it please ? l did several tries but isn’t working !

cordova.plugins. not found MediaScannerPlugin ! any solution ?

After all the imports, declare variable named cordova like this.

declare var cordova: any;

It should solve your problem.

@Lasithavw It is not working for me. I used same code as you suggested. Still the grey image appears in gallery.