Ionic local notification trigger call back is not working when app is in background for a while

I use local notification heavily in my app. I get local notifications but I needed something else to happen after notification is triggered. So I used

this.localnotification.on('trigger', (notification) => {
 //Do something here

in constructor of one of my provider.
This doesn’t work only when app is not opened for a while. if I opened my app at least 4 hours before some local notification is about to trigger then above trigger will happen. I’m assuming issue is app goes into sleep mode if it’s not been opened for a while. Has anyone experienced similar kind of issue and know the solution for it.

Please respond, I’m just this issue away from launching my app.

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Hmmm. no response, Got fed up with very less ionic support and cordova plugins inflexibility. Looking into other alternatives for hybrid mobile development. Good bye…

You can use this plugin, you can avoid the app sleeping in background

Thank you,
but I already tried this plugin, it didn’t work.

You probably didn’t get a response because no one knows the answer. The alternative would be hundreds of “I don’t know” responses.

Have you found out the solution for this? @vpotluri