Ionic lab not working



It looks like we’ve made a big wrong decision of choosing Ionic with a lot of unstable issues. Recently, we’re trying to install our existing development on a new machine and now Ionic Lab is not working and we’re not able to start our development work because of these silly issues.

There is another issues I’ve raised already but no one helped yet about navigation bar issue for android 12 and android 13.

But now the important thing is to run ionic serve -l but it’s directly opening in the browser as a url. [attached]

Please help how can I get it fixed!?!

Despite the rant, I am experiencing the same issue. Even with a fresh installation of Ionic & Angular. When running ionic serve -l, the -l parameter is just ignored. Can someone confirm if this is the intended behavior?

the lab param was --lab, not -l, -l is the short of --livereload, which is not available for serve (because it’s the default)

lab was deprecated last year and removed in @ionic/cli 7.0.0

more information

docs about how to simulate mobile viewports


It was only single beautiful thing about ionic development to preview apps in the Ionic Lab and you guys have removed it??!!

You’ve been making these claims for over a year and still continue to bash ionic… :joy: :joy: :joy:

No, actually we have more than 200 apps running and we’ve already shifted our codebase to react-native for the most of the apps due to Ionic’s unstability.

There are a few apps are under processing and as per Google’s Android version update, we need to update them on time-to-time so we’re doing and started facing such issues with Ionic.

We were too handy with development because of Ionic Lab and now it’s gone! That’s the problem. Similarly, because of other issues, we had to switch and re-write the entire codebase.

If you are not creating new Ionic apps, then you can stick with ionic CLI 6.x as it still supports ionic lab

Thanks for the heads-up. Event with the --lab parameter I see no deprication message though. Was it removed again?