Ionic lab iOS looks like android

I started with ionic a few days ago but I have a problem with Ionic Lab, because the platform “iOS” looks the same as “Android” and “Windows”. I tried reinstalling ionic, cordova and ionic lab but nothing changed. I’m on the version 4.1.2. Here are some images, so you can see the alert looks the same and the header is not iOS-like:

I hope you can help me our here.
Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem, nothing helps.

I have the same issue, but it only occurs after I make a change in my code.
Manually refreshing the ionic lab webpage solves it, till I make a change to my code.

When running ionic lab, for me it worked to go to http://localhost:8100/ionic-lab instead of http://localhost:8200/

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same for me, no matter how many times I refresh it just show android UI
however as @Distortion said it works with /ionic-lab