IONIC keeps saying the plugin is not installed

To be more specific, the plugins are: @ionic-native/estimate-beacons and @ionic-native/ibeacon. I have followed all the steps and also add the plugin into my app’s module. This also happens once to my @ionic-native/ble.
Here are the console logs:

Am I missing any step? I’m getting very frustrated since the project is stuck right at the beginning.
P/s: I’m using IONIC and Cordova ’ newest version. I follow the docs to install the plugin:

$ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-estimote
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/estimote-beacons


After installing a plugin’s package, add it to your app’s NgModule.

All finished but everytime got asked to install the plugin!!!

Do you have a folder called plugins? And check if the missing plugins are in there. If not check you npm package installation if something is going wrong.

After that what you can try is,
Remove the platforms
Delete the platforms folder
Delete the plugins folder
Reboot your computer,
Add your platforms (plugins will be downloaded automatically)
Run your “platform”

Basically, deleting the compiled files manually sometime works when nothing else is helping…

I do have a plugins folder and all the plugins are in there. I have tried
many way like reinstalling ionic + cordova, creating a whole new project.
It just won’t work, even a small command like


will return that damn plugin-not-installed issue in the console window!

Hello @severusken, Did you solve your problem because I had the same problem?