Ionic is not working after changing default USER directory

HI, Today due to some issue i have to change my old user directory name to new one like


in my old user directory i have installed all components to build app means everything was working perfectly but after changing username and directory name i am facing some issues.

ionic is not internal or external command

Seems you Ionic installation is gone. Probably also node and npm.

Use this chance:
Install nvm-windows, install a new node with this, then install ionic and cordova again with npm install -g ionic cordova and try your command again.

i have check folder but there is everything same means all folders are placed in the directory where they are before.

Then it is probably a PATH or environment variable problem. When you reinstall stuff this will probably get fixed. (Reinstalling is much faster than trying to fix and debug this in my experience)

Thanks :slight_smile: i am gonna reinstall but i want to give few more minutes if it will solved then i’ll post solutions otherwise will go for new installation
Thanks for reply Dear