Ionic is not updating page content, always have to save 2 times to update

I have a pretty annoying problem in my development environment, every time I make a change to my file.ts, I need to save this .ts twice so that the content and changes on my page take effect in the browser or device.

The problem is that it takes a lot of time in development, as simple as the change is requires it to be saved twice to work.

I’ve updated my node.js, ionic is in the latest version, but the problem persists.

Only thing I can identify differently in my environment, is that I am currently working on 3 ionic 3 projects and 2 ionic 4 projects. I don’t know if that can or should cause any interference in this. I’ve tried solutions to mark in google chrome or edge the options of “disable cache” but it is not successful

Someone here on the forum has gone through this problem and could share with me a viable solution? I saw in several forums that this problem occurred because of ionic-app-scripts, even performing the steps of these forums I again had the problem

Grateful for everyone’s attention, thank you if anyone can share a solution to this problem, thank you