Ionic is not defined

How do to solve ionic error

Uncaught ReferenceError: ionic is not defined

thats normal, just ignor it
when using ionic serve.
The ionic component will only load when using on an actual device.

Maybe you could find a way to supress the error message though.

I had that same error when using ionic serve -t android. I managed to lose the error by changing the letter p in the url of ionic serve (I believe something as ionicplatform) to a capital P. So it should be ionicPlatform. Not sure if itll help in your case though.

So in order to help, we need some more information. What’s your ionic-cli version (ionic -v), what cause this error to happen? We need more info to help! :smile:

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thanks @mhartington i fixed it already. :slight_smile:

@JosephMendez how did you fix it? Ionic is not defined for me using ionic cli v.1.7.15

I am trying to use Ionic.Auth (and checking ionic.Auth) ionic.Auth is undefined, Ionic is not defined.

You need install ionic-cli beta

Execute this:
npm install -g ionic@beta

and try run your app again.

@mhartington This error happens in V2 when ionic serve - t android (or http://localhost:8100/?ionicplatform=android in browser).

The culprit can be seen in the following screenshot of Chrome Developer:



Ahh alright. That’s just a difference between V1 lab and what we need to support Lab in V2.
It’s safe to ignore that for now. But it will be fixed and updated in the CLI

Didn’t seem to work for me :confused: I am testing in Chrome on my desktop.