Ionic is no longer selectable as a native runtime environment?

I wanted to import a new Ionic app and I can no longer select Ionic as the native runtime. I could not find any information about the change and why Ionic is no longer displayed. If it is not a bug, where can I find information about the change?
Danke voraus, AndreasK

It is an intentional change that was not communicated broadly (on purpose). Apologies for any confusion though.

“Ionic” was removed as an option because it is often confused as a native runtime. It’s not - it’s a web-based UI toolkit that you build apps with. To build/deploy to mobile, you pair it with either Capacitor or Cordova. So, we removed it to (hopefully) remove any confusion.

For your case, select the runtime option that you are using. Fortunately today, it does not affect how Appflow treats the projects from a build/deploy standpoint.