Ionic + Iphone X tab bar (with supertabs)


I’m having a problem with the bar at the bottom of iphone X.

Indeed, it is positioned on the TABS and this embarrasses its use …

How to do ?

I normally use css safe-area-bottom for bottom elements. I think it should work for you as well

bottom: constant(safe-area-inset-bottom);
bottom: env(safe-area-inset-bottom);

I got a supertabs :

<ion-content no-bounce>

<super-tabs tabsPlacement=“bottom” toolbarColor=“light” indicatorColor=“light” badgeColor=“danger”>

<super-tab *ngFor=“let page of pages” [root]=“page.pageName” [icon]=“page.icon” [id]=“”></super-tab>



i need too use your css on ion-content ?

I have not used super-tabs. But it should work.