Ionic iOS Wifi Scanner Plugin


Will there be a plugin to show available wifi hotspots?

#2 - may be this is what are you looking for?


Note, this is only for android. iOS does not allow wifi scanning apps


@mhartington are you sure? What exactly do you mean with iOS doesn’t allow wifi scanning apps? If found some wifi scanning apps in the app store.


Last I knew, iOS didn’t allow wifi scanners in the app store. Seems to have changed since I last checked.


Hi! Any updates on this? Couldn’t get the plugin listed above working. Last update was a year ago.
Anybody found any other way?


Do you mean right now they allow wifi scanners apps?


There is a good plugin here


pls refer this website


Hi @RezaRahmati, the link you shared says: The only function availabe for iOS is getCurrentSSID . Would you know of any plugin for iOS that provide features like listNetworks, getScanResults, etc?


Not really, I don’t know