Ionic iOS screen orientation issue

Hi everyone

I’m using Cordova v6.2.0 (also tried with v6.0.0) and plugin to lock screen orientation when particular page is opened. Basically I want to change orientation programatically when ever I want, by calling


When using iPhone 5s with iOS v9.2.1 this doesn’t work quite well. Application changes orientation from portrait to landscape but app width stays as in portrait mode, so it doesn’t scale and I got shrinked view.
I still didn’t try it with iOS v9.3 but the requirement is to work on v9.2.

Also I tried adding orientation settings in my config.xml file but without any luck.

<platform name="ios"> <preference name="Orientation" value="all" /> </platform>

I also tried with previous versions of the plugin, and v1.4.1 doesn’t change orientation at all and with v1.4.0 I’m not able to build the application.

Is there any chance to make this work?

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Same issue, and i found that @media orientation is still portrait."Plugin%20Screen%20Orientation"%20AND%20project%20%3D%20CB

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