Ionic + iOS + Cordova not getting updated timezone if device timezone changes automatically

My app is related to weather condition that is used by pilots during flight.

If user flew to a place with a different time zone, and his local device time zone changed, but my app didn’t pick up that his device time zone changed. Even tried force quit and restart up the app never detected the new time zone value.

But If I manually change the time-zone from settings then application detects correct time-zone value.

What can be an issue?

If I remember correctly (a long time ago) the OS does send some global events when the time zone changes. Maybe you can somehow listen to this?

Does this work if you have the app running and keep it running or only if you stop and restat it?

Yes, no need to restart the app. It works right when the app is running.

So seems manual changing is caught, automatic changing is not. Correct? Interesting…

Yeah, that’s right it gets correct timezone when timezone is changed manually in device.