Ionic @ionic/storage with Vue Pinia

Hi everyone,
As per title I am trying to implement storage on a vue/pinia application. I have followed the steps in the link below to attempt to implement it in my Pinia storage

The error I am getting is;
Module parse failed: The top-level-await experiment is not enabled (set experiments.topLevelAwait: true to enabled it)

From what I have found on the web i need to enable top-level-await experiment however I am unsure how to do this with ionic as there is no webpack file?

If any one has any idea it would be much appricated or even if they know of a turorial/ blog relavent to the subject


import { defineStore } from "pinia";
import { Storage } from '@ionic/storage';
const store = new Storage();
await store.create();


do you manage to resolve it?

Na sorry, never found a solution

Wrap the await in an IIFE if you are not inside an async function already

//wrap with IIFE to use top-level await
(async function () {

//await ...