Ionic ion-item <h2> not show

as a title, after update the CLI of ionic then < h2 > of ion-item of list not show
I searched a lot to solve the issue but nothing work

for example if i use this Html code

		<h2>My Neighbor Totoro</h2>
		<p>Hayao Miyazaki • 1988</p>

then by using “ionic serve” my app show the list with this sentence only

Hayao Miyazaki • 1988

Here my ionic info

I can’t imagine that CLI updates have anything to do with your situation, as this has been how things work since the dawn of v2. See the “item placement” section of the Item docs. You need to throw one of those attributes on your h2 element in order to have it render.

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I search a lot about this topic put no same issue.
but i checked an other browsers such as opera, firefox and Microsoft edge then the h2 tag works fine.

maybe this happens on chrome only but i couldn’t find the solution to fix the issue on chrome and I’m worry that problem facing other users :frowning: . But any way i will continue with another browser and wish the app work find then.

Why didn’t you start your search with the link in my previous post that explains exactly what is going on?

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I did @rapropos but i was think there is some thing wrong in chrome so i searched more before change my projects lists :sweat_smile: