Ionic : ion-content not resizing with dynamic data

On a webview loaded in an Android application , ion-content has a div tag with ng-repeat to load dynamic data , when the user reaches the end of the page I use ion-infinite-scroll to load more data.
On Android versions > 4.4 the container resizes and I am able to scroll down to view the newly loaded data but below 4.4 the container’s size remains fixed and I cannot scroll down , any idea how to fix this ?

PS : I have tried the following but in vain :

  1. Use ionicScrollDelegate to get ion-content and call resize() when new data is loaded.
  2. Try 1) within settimeout to ensure resize is called after data is loaded.

I meet the same problem. On Android 4.2.2, the content is not resizing. Have you found any solutions?