"user.isAuthenticated is not a function"

I’m migrating my app to the beta Ionic.Auth service.

But i keep getting that error

Nevermind, i just needed to upgrade the bower libs.

How can I upgrade bower libs ? I used bower update command but i’m still getting the error you mentioned.

I updated my bower.json file to:

"ionic-platform-web-client": "*"

then I run bower update

maybe there’s a better way to do it.

It didn’t work for me, still trying to figure it out.

Got it (sort of)

1st try:
changed /bower.json to
"ionic": “driftyco/ionic-bower#1.2.4”,
“ionic-platform-web-client”: “~0.5.1”


bower update

didn’t work! :sob:

2nd try
started a new app

ionic start newapp
ionic add ionic-platform-web-client

worked! :grin:

3rd try, workaround:
copyed ionic and ionic-platform-web-client from newapp/www/lib/ to oldapp/www/lib/
worked! :grin:

So, comparing /newapp/www/lib/ to /oldapp/www/lib/ I’ve found out that when i run bower update the files ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ and ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ are missing this piece of code "var settings = {"dev_push":true}; return { get: function(setting) { if (settings[setting]) { return settings[setting]; } return null; } };", and when i start a new app its not. I don’t why this happens cause supposedly its the same version, but with this piece of code in its place, the problem is gone.