Ionic-input got disabled with ionic-select

ionic-input got disabled when being part with ion-select

The ion-input will only be typable when I click the ion-select field then press the esc button


          <ion-label position="stacked" :color="(!!errors.amount ?'danger' :'')">Amount <ion-text color="danger">*</ion-text></ion-label>
          <ion-input type="text" placeholder="Enter here" v-model="amountField" :disabled="isDisabled"></ion-input>
          <ion-text v-if="!!errors.amount" color="danger">{{errors.amount}}</ion-text>
          <ion-label position="stacked" :color="(!!errors.mode ?'danger' :'')">Payment method <ion-text color="danger">*</ion-text></ion-label>
          <ion-select ok-text="Select" cancel-text="Cancel" placeholder="Choose payment" v-model="modeField" :disabled="isDisabled">
            <ion-select-option value="G_CASH">G-Cash</ion-select-option>
            <ion-select-option value="PAYMAYA">PayMaya</ion-select-option>
            <ion-select-option value="BPI">BPI</ion-select-option>
          <ion-text v-if="!!errors.mode" color="danger">{{errors.mode}}</ion-text>

Seems like ion-select is not the cause of the issue, instead ion-select causes to fix the bug.
But still don’t know why this is happening
I tried to remove the ion-select on the form and the issue still persist

I wrapped the form with ion-modal does this causes the issue?

Tried to delay renderer but still does not work. Still investigating the issue. . .
Tried clicking the cancel button on the ion-select and still the ion-input is not typable, seems like in order to make it typable, you must press esc in the keybaord, Im finding ways on why it is working on esc

Got fixed the issue,

I let the ion-menu open, that was the cause of the issue, it seems like its backdrop is blocking the ion-input

So before to open the ion-modal, ion-menu should be close.