Ionic InAppPurchase2 - The item you requested is not available for purchase


So I set up the inapppurchase 2 plugin similar to the example below:

When I got to click on a purchase button for a remove ads product, non consumable, I get this error:

E/Volley: [329] c.a: Unexpected response code 404 for
I/Finsky: [2] Error: PurchaseError{type=2 subtype=0}
I/Finsky: [2] Purchase failed: PurchaseError{type=2 subtype=0}

And a prompt displays saying, “The item you requested is not available for purchase”.

The product is “Active”. I am testing this with an Alpha release. The product has been signed using the jarsigner method for ionic apps.

If anyone knows where I am going wrong, help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

So yesterday I realized that you have to add testers in two spots, one for the release with a list of users and the second in the overall profile settings. I added a comma separated list of emails and still today no luck. I chatted with support and they said everything was fine, it must be something with my APK. Anyone else use the InAppPurchase 2 and get stuck at this point?

any one find solution for this error ?

I was including the package name in the product id. I removed it and it worked.