Ionic - I got stuck

I started using Ionic few weeks ago and I need help with Ionic3. I’m planning to use Firebase for Login/Sign up/Forget Password. And I would like to automatically transfer user data from firebase to my database. (Database is using hosting not a server so I can’t use files as node.js, etc. Just MySQL & PHP) And I would like to know how my database can check if is User valid or not? I really appreciate any type of help. Links, video tutorials, your experiences, etc. Thank you a lot

If I were you I’d use nodejs+mongodb but if you choosed mysql+php okey I’d recommend you to search how to post from angular2 to mysql at stackoverflow lots of topic exits there.Because in your ts file at ionic you need to post the data whenever you got it from Firebaseobservables. I’m not so qualified just know a bit.Hope it helps.