Ionic: how to handle change event radio button


I want to show alert dialog when I click some radio button. I try to use (change), (click) & (select) but still not working.
Please help me…


Tried this one? ionSelect - expression to be evaluated when selected


how to use that? sorry I newbie, I don’t understand


<ion-radio (ionSelect)="radioChecked()"....>
Then in your ts file you define a function radioChecked() that handles click on the radio.


Thank you. This is helpful. How can I get a radio button value passed back to the function, using this? Cheers.

<ion-radio (ionSelect)="radioChecked('YourValue')" ....>

You can send your desired value like this and then you can use it in your .ts file easily!!!


Thanks! That’s helpful information!

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You are welcome @bpeary :slight_smile:

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You can pass value just using $event instead of passing hard coded value
<ion-radio (ionSelect)=“radioChecked($event)” …>