Ionic horizontal scroll inside ion-slide

hey how can i add horizontal scroll inside ion-slide

What do you mean exactly?

You are swiping hoizontally, so a scroll bar wouldn’t really make sense.

i want to horizontally scroll my card inside slide.

Can you illustrate that somehow? I am not sure I get what you are saying.

i have solve my problem using this css
display: block;
overflow-x: scroll;
white-space: nowrap;


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Can you elaborate on your resolution?
I have page with a set of 10 ion-slides, on the last slide, I have a component that is 1000px wide along with content above , and I want that component to be able to horizontal scroll.

I have tried numerous css and style changes with no luck.

What css file did you add the .scoll fix to, the one with the ion-slides?

Thank you

you can use above css in your parent element of your component like
ion-item class="scroll"
component here


you can do like this
ion-scroll scrollX="true"
scrolling component here
ion-scroll {
white-space: nowrap;
height: 100px;