Ionic History back problems

I have these pages: A -> B -> C -> D
On D, I have a button that execute an action on controller and automatically go back to C with $ionicHistory.goBack(-1)
The problem occurs when I go back to C. If I use the physical android back button sometimes, this way is done:
C -(back)-> D -(back)> C -(back)> B -(back)-> A
If I use the navBar back Button, it works correctly:
C -(back)-> B -(back)-> A

  • I am using routes
  • I’ve already tried $state.go(‘c’, {}, {location: replace})
    (it works, but this way is done: C -(back)-> C -(back)-> B -(back)-> A)
  • I’ve already tried $ionicHistory. removeBackView() and it doesn’t works =/