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I created app (shopping cart).How I can send data from app to Telegram or Gmail.In my app selecting products, I must know who is select and how many products selected.I hope I clarified the essence

Have you done some research first? What have you found? Please try first and share some code.

shoakbar, [25.03.20 17:58]

constructor(private cartService: CartService, private modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

  ngOnInit() {
    this.cart = this.cartService.getCart();

  decreaseCartItem(product) {

  increaseCartItem(product) {

  removeCartItem(product) {

  getTotal() {
    return this.cart.reduce((i, j) => i + j.price * j.amount, 0);

  close() {

  checkout() {

Again, this doesn’t really tell us what you’ve tried with regards to sending data to telegram or any other app. Please try to look that part up first and share what you have found.

Everything works fine. I want when I clicked checkout for all the data to go Telegram

I created this app and I want when I clicked checkout => all selected products send to telegram or gmail