Ionic Header Shrink not working with SideMenu


I am trying to use Shrinking Header in my app. When I use single page, it works fine but with sidemenu it behaves weirdly.

This is my codepan:

Scroll on Home tab to see the problem


Still no reply…,


me too, somebody can tell me why?


try this


yes, thank you @cyprusglobe, it is better than the old one ,but if the header is in half-hide state, i swipe left, the sidemenu will show , and i look so suck, right?


maybe doing this? kinda dirty hack though.


oh, yeah, thanks for your help @cyprusglobe , it is so and how about add automatically snap to edge effect? like the sidemenu.


can you explain this in a little more detail?


@cyprusglobe like the sidemenu, if the header is half-shrink, when i stop drag, it will auto full-shrink or full-show.


Check out Ionic Scroll Sista Just published now. Should be what you guys are looking for as far as shirnking header/tabs. Check out the demo too!