Ionic grid query


Need to achieve 3 grids for Large screen, 2 grids for Medium screen and 1 grid for Small screen using ionic grid system.

Say for example for iPad Landscape - 3 grids
& for iPad Portrait mode - 2 grids
& for iPhone - 1 grid
Can you please suggest an idea to achieve this?

Are you wanting grid layouts using the Ionic grid css?

Yes, with the above requirement.
Please suggest a solution.

By grids, do you mean ‘rows’?

If so, then you probably just need to play around with the following. I don’t have time to test it but you can wire something up using the ‘responsive-xx’ classes provided in the docs.

 <div class"row responsive-md">
  <div class="col">.col</div>
  <div class="col">.col</div>
  <div class="col">.col</div>