Ionic grid and canvas

Hi all,

Here’s a tiny piece of code:

    <div  id="canvas-div-gauge" style=" margin: none; height:40vh">
      <ion-row >
        <ion-col size="5">                  
          <canvas id="chart-temp-gauge" style="width:43vw"></canvas>
        <ion-col size="5">                  
          <canvas id="chart-hum-gauge"  style="width:43vw"></canvas>


Now, I’ve tried this with and without the width,and with and without useing the size (since default should be 2 equal columns). What i see is that the contents don’t go into columns. They end up above one another! Until I use a larger device (either my browser or choosing an ipad X from the emulator. Then they work. How can I use the ionic grid to give me what I want. I.e. the two canvas elements on the same line. Obvously they may need to be smaller to achieve this.

Also tried col-50. No better.