Ionic going to rootPage after saving information?

I’ve recently run into a problem using angular fire in IONIC, whenever I store info in the database, the current view is switched to the rootpageby default. For example:


If I use that line in a button triggered by the user, the item is stored but the view from the user profile is gone, and the app moves to the homepage.

I tried using a provider, but still happens the same thing, why is it happening? How could i fix it?

Please help me, it’s been 1 week and haven’t found a solution.

Search your code for a line like this:


The line of code you post here does not change the root page.

That line of code is in another view though. Here is the repo maybe you could help me by looking at the source code better.

I think the problem is in you signIn function.

You subscribe to perfil.

When you update this node the function in the subscription set the rootPage to HomePage

Ok, I see so how should I log in/save data then?

In your app.component you have comment out the authentication handler. I would use this to handle the auth state.

To save date the line of code you postet shoud be enough.