Ionic geoLocation cannot find variable $http

My apologies if this is an easy question - I’m relatively new to the framework and searched the forums before posting. I’m building an ionic app for ios. Geolocation works on the main module. However, when I move to a new module (in this case /map), I get the following error:

Can't find variable: $http

This is the code I’m attempting to execute:

.controller(‘MapCtrl’, MapCtrl);

function MapCtrl($http, $scope, $cordovaGeolocation, $ionicLoading, $ionicPlatform) {

var vm = this;
vm.element = document.getElementById(geolocation);

I’ve spent four hours trying to find a solution to this without any luck. Can anyone give me a suggestion?

No really helpful, but: Why are you using Ionic 1 if you are new to the framework? Start with the current version and not something that is not really developed any more…