Ionic Generate V4

How to generate a proper architecture with ionic cli generate ?

By exemple in the following structure:

|          |
Event      Post
||_____       ||_______
|      |      |       |
Main  Details Main    Details 

I should have a module for event and another for post, each of these modules should have their own routing module to navigate to their respective Main and Details Page.

But I’m not able to create this really simple architectur with “ionic g page” because it will generate one module per page (–no-module is not working anymore).
Additionally the only way to add routing module is by firstly creating a module with the --routing option
ionic g module pages/moduleName --routing

But then I can’t add a page to this module with ionic generate because of the following error

Cannot read property 'kind' of undefined
[ERROR] Could not generate page.

I don’t know if I’m missing some important point of angular 6 structure or if the cli generator is lack of functionality